Updated May 2nd 2024


1.1 These terms are entered into between the company "Renteo," a Simplified Joint Stock Company with a capital of 123,000 euros, registered office located at PONTS (50300) – ZA du MAUDON, registered with the RCS of COUTANCES under number 903 537 710 - hereinafter referred to as "Renteo," and individuals who wish, through the services offered on the Renteo website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), to rent out their THEAULT horse truck, lorry, and other equipment (trailers, horse mowers, etc.) (hereinafter referred to as the "Vehicle") to Users, consumers, or professionals.


The Website established by Renteo aims to connect Users and Partners offering a rental service for THEAULT horse trucks, Theault Lorries, trailers, and other equipments. Renteo's activity being limited to putting Users and Partners in touch with one another, Renteo may under no circumstances be considered as the provider for the rental services offered by the Partner on the Website; only the latter being the contracting party of the User for the rental of vehicles.


1.2 These general terms and conditions aim to define both the conditions of use of the Website by the Partners and the conditions of the partnership between the Partner and Renteo.

The Partner's validation of their registration on the Website confirms full and unconditional acceptance of these terms and their desire to rent out a Vehicle on the Website; to entrust Renteo with the task of connecting them with Users wishing to use this service and to conclude said service contract on their behalf.


In this regard, the contract concluded on behalf of the Partner with the Users is materialized and governed by Renteo's GENERAL RENTAL AND USE TERMS accessible via this link

Accordingly, the Partner expressly accepts all the conditions of the RENTEO rental and use contract.


The Partner declares to have read and unreservedly accepts them in their entirety.

These terms cancel and replace any previously applicable conditions. Renteo reserves the right to adapt, modify, or update these general rental and use terms at any time. In this context, prior to any modification of these terms, RENTEO will inform the Partner in writing of the changes made at least 15 days before the new conditions take effect. In any case, the applicable general terms are those in force on the day of use of the Website.


The use of the Website implies the Partner's full and unconditional acceptance of the rules set forth herein, as well as the general rental and use conditions, Any other document such as brochures, promotional brochures service descriptions issued by Renteo are for indicative purposes only.


The fact that one of the Parties does not avail itself of any of the present conditions at a given time cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the right to avail itself of them subsequently. The invalidation of a clause of these general conditions will not affect the validity of the general conditions as a whole.




2.1 To use the Website, the Partner logs in to the website using the credentials provided by Renteo. The Partner will then be free to modify their password.

2.2 Partner and Vehicle Registration.


In order to access the services offered by Renteo to connect with Users, the Partner is required to register on the Website.

The Partner is required to provide the following information and/or elements to Renteo:

For the creation of the Renteo account:

•        Identity document

•        Name and number of the company (if applicable) or Company Registration Document

•        Mobile phone number

•        Email address

•        Bank account details

•        Comprehensive Vehicle specifications with options (including mileage, if applicable)

•        Vehicle location

•        Copy of the insurance contract allowing for short-term rental

•        All necessary information for the Renteo advertisement for lessee clients, including service rates and options offered; the amount and terms of the security deposit, etc.

To avoid any errors, the Partner is encouraged to ensure the validity of their email address and the specified data. Additional elements may also be provided by the Partner if desired, including photos of the Vehicle.

To initialize their Stripe account, the partner must authenticate themselves by confirming their phone number, taking a photo of their identity card, and accepting automatic debiting. The Partner is informed that without this authentication, the Connect account will be blocked from £850-transactions or 10 transactions. In this event, the Partner will no longer be able to receive bookings from the Website, without Renteo's liability being engaged.

In any case, the Partner is responsible for the information provided to Renteo. In case of error, Renteo cannot be reproached for not taking their registration into account. They undertake to inform Renteo without delay of any changes concerning this information and notably any changes affecting the Vehicle or its situation.

In any case, in the event of a change in the Partner's situation resulting in a reduction in material conditions and/or the quality of their rental service and/or rendering them unable to comply with the registration and partnership conditions (2.2 and 2.3 of this article), Renteo reserves the right to suspend access to all Website services or remove access to the Website in accordance with Article 12 herein.

2.3 Partnership Conditions

By confirming their registration, the Partner certifies that they comply with the partnership conditions established by Renteo and:

•        That they have the capacity to conclude this contract; that there are no financial, regulatory, or conventional obstacles to their conclusion of this contract and that they can execute it and comply with all its stipulations.

•        That they are the Owner of the Vehicle and, if applicable, are duly registered with the Registry of Trade and Companies in this capacity;

•        That the vehicle rented out is in perfect maintenance condition and meets Renteo's criteria.

Renteo, or a person mandated by it, reserves the right to verify by any means the information and declarations of the Partner and to visit them at any time, without prior notice, to verify that the partnership conditions are effectively respected by the Partner.

The Partner is informed and fully aware that Renteo cannot incur any liability for any false or erroneous information. In any case, the Partner would be solely responsible for damages that may be caused to Users originating from this information. In this case, Renteo will have the option to delete their partner account and seek compensation for any damage caused by the Partner.


Once duly registered, the Partner can log in to the Website by filling in the email and password fields provided for this purpose.


The Partner is responsible for the safeguarding and confidentiality of all their username and password. They will bear full responsibility for any breach thereof and must notably bear the financial consequences of operations made under said code unless they can demonstrate, cumulatively, their lack of responsibility and fault on the part of Renteo.


The Partner's registration allows him to access a reserved personal space enabling them to access a certain amount of information and fill in the necessary profile fields.


This personal page enables him to state the necessary information for the rental they wish to arrange, and in particular:


-          The vehicle characteristics,

-          The rental price,

-          Any possible options,

-          The location from which it may be collected,

-          The cancellation terms they wish to apply, by choosing one of the three possibilities as shown in the General Terms of Use.

-          The future reservations made with him by users via the Application.

-          Reservation history

-          Payments made or pending payments

-          Their bank details,



Apart from the following provisions, and unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, the management conditions of rentals by the User from the Partner are governed by Renteo's general rental and use conditions.


In this context, in case of cancellation of a rental by the Partner without objective justification, the Partner undertakes to propose one of the following solutions:

• Postpone the rental,

• Fully refund the User.


In the event that the owner does not wish to postpone the rental or refund the User, or if the customer does not accept one of these solutions and if Renteo fails to relocate the rental to another Partner, the latter shall owe RENTEO an amount equal to 5% of the aborted rental amount.


Each rental will generate, via the platform, a rental contract between the Partner and the User, which the Partner undertakes to have the User sign at the time of Vehicle pickup (in paper version or dematerialized via the provided App "Weproov"). This document or the Weproov application will allow for an inventory of the vehicle to be carried out prior to its pickup and upon its return. The establishment of this inventory at the time of Vehicle pickup and its return is imperative.



The Partner confers upon Renteo the task of concluding the contract  for the rental service contract, billing, and collection from Users in its own name but on behalf of the Partner. Renteo uses a dedicated Marketplace payment solution, STRIPE, allowing the Website to collect payment from the User, manage Partner funds, automate their transfer to their bank account, and payment of the Renteo commission. The general terms of STRIPE are specified on the Website under the "STRIPE T&C" section. 5.1 Rental price and payment by the User The rental service prices offered by the Partner through Renteo are those in effect at the time of the User's reservation on the Website. This price is set personally by the Owner, taking into account various elements of Renteo's platform compensation. They are indicated including taxes on the Website, payable in cash by the User, by credit card, or any other method offered by Stripe, except for the "counter payments" defined below. The actual debiting of amounts takes place under the conditions defined in the general rental and use conditions. The service fee paid by the User is collected by Renteo on its financial partner STRIPE's website.

5.2 Payment of the Partner's service The Partner receives the rental payment, net of various elements of Renteo's platform compensation, to the STRIPE "Connect" account. Their STRIPE account will be credited once the rental is definitively closed without dispute with the User, and in any case after 72 hours following the Vehicle's return. The Partner Owner is informed that each financial transaction outside the Eurozone and the SEPA zone (transfer of funds from their STRIPE account to another bank) incurs a £5 charge by STRIPE to Renteo. Consequently, Renteo may charge the Partner for STRIPE Connect account withdrawal fees. The Partner agrees that RENTEO directly deducts from their Stripe Connect account the amounts due to Renteo. Every month, the Partner's bank account will be automatically credited by bank transfer with the amounts received for rentals from the previous month, net of amounts owed to Renteo. The Partner is free though to withdraw the amounts received 72 hours after the end of the rental. The operation will be charged at £2. The partner can choose to activate or not the "counter payment" on-site payment method using Check or Cash. To perform such an operation, they must provide a SEPA direct debit authorization. The bank debit will be used to settle amounts owed to Renteo in case the amounts received in the Partner's Stripe account are insufficient.

From this amount, the share corresponding to the amounts that would have been paid by Renteo to the Users due to a Partner's breach is deducted.

The Partner is informed that there may be a delay of a few days between the transfer date indicated on their Application in the "My payments" section and the actual arrival of funds in their bank account.

5.3 Payment of the Renteo commission

The Partner remunerates Renteo for the intermediation performed and the Website management by a commission corresponding to 18% of the price paid by the User for each booked rental, including STRIPE services. This amount includes all sums due from the User (any additional charges, penalties for late return of the vehicle, etc.).

The Renteo commission is calculated based on the total annual gross revenue (sum of transactions recorded on Renteo for rentals, options, and supplements) by a Partner. The reference year corresponds to Renteo's fiscal year from October 1st to September 30th. The commission will be set by default at 18% on each rental, and a retro-commission may be paid to the owner at the beginning of the following fiscal year (October of N+1) if Renteo has overcharged. An invoice will be automatically issued via the Website to account for the retro-commission. The commission rates are detailed below based on the achieved gross revenue per vehicle :

Amount of total annual gross revenue incl. taxes
From 0 to £5500
From £5501 to £13000
More than £13 001

5.4 Invoicing authorisation

By joining the Renteo Website as a Partner, the latter gives their acceptance to Renteo to invoice in their name and on their behalf the rental services they are required to perform. The mandating Owner retains full responsibility for their invoicing obligations and their consequences regarding VAT when acting as a professional. They undertake to pay the tax mentioned on the invoices issued in their name and on their behalf to the Public Treasury. The Owner has a period of 3 days to contest the content of the invoices issued in their name and on their behalf. Furthermore, the Partner is informed that when acting as an individual, the sums received may be considered as professional income and must be declared as such to the tax authorities. Declaration and tax obligations are the sole responsibility of the Partner.

5.5 Remuneration of the Member for Business Referral

The Partner, if they own a Theault truck, undertakes to inform the company Renteo when they become aware of a potential buyer of a Theault vehicle who is not already in contact with Theault. They are proposed to be remunerated as follows: a) Amount The Partner will receive a commission on each sale made to a new client they have introduced to the THEAULT company, namely:

£300 excluding taxes on the sale of a used THEAULT vehicle, plus VAT if the member is liable for VAT

£500 excluding taxes on the sale of a new THEAULT vehicle, plus VAT if the member is liable for VAT b) Invoicing and payment terms The partner will send an invoice for the amount due addressed to the company GSC Vans Theault. Payment will be made within 30 days at the end of the month. Individuals will provide a receipt to Theault for the amount received.


Except as otherwise provided herein, and unless specifically agreed by the Parties, the obligations and responsibilities of Renteo, the Partner, and the User are governed by Article 9 of Renteo's general rental and use terms.

6.1 Obligations and responsibilities of Renteo

6.1.1 Renteo's obligations and responsibilities:

Renteo agrees to perform the task of connecting Users and Partners conferred upon it by the Partner. To do so, it lists the Partner on its Website and provides a space describing its vehicle and services. The Partner will automatically appear in the search results of Users based on:

-          Its status as a "Renteo Experienced Agent" (first, within a radius of 18 miles). “Experienced agent” refers to the average ratings and the utilization rate of the Weproov solution that limits potential disputes,


-          Its proximity to the address entered by the User for the relevant search. In this regard, Renteo ensures the Partner the neutrality of its ranking methods and that geographical proximity and the "Experienced Agent on Renteo" badge are the only ranking criteria used.

Renteo reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the Website based on technical developments. It has full discretion in carrying out any updates and is free to evolve the features of its software without prior notification to the Partner as long as it does not degrade the service or result in data loss or loss of functionality.

To preserve the efficiency and security of the Website, Renteo reserves the right to suspend access. The suspension will be lifted after verifying the service's compliance. Renteo undertakes to ensure a level of security compatible with technical standards of the profession. While Renteo is committed to a duty of cybersecurity means, it cannot guarantee the absence of modification, intrusion, alteration, or unavailability of the service caused by a third party (individual, virus, etc.).

The obligations undertaken by Renteo are obligations of due diligence. It undertakes not to interfere in the Partner's commercial choices and cannot guarantee the impact of this partnership on the Partner's turnover. It is reminded that Renteo's liability cannot in any case be engaged due to poor performance or total or partial non-performance by the Partner of the rental service, and more broadly of its actions or debts towards Users and any third parties.

Renteo cannot be held responsible for any temporary or permanent damages, nor losses that may be suffered, notably following access to or browsing on the Website. Renteo is not involved in any dispute that may arise between the Partner and any electronic communications intermediary. Therefore, Renteo assumes no responsibility regarding the transmission of information (Internet network). Similarly, Renteo is not responsible for any consequence of a security defect (hardware or software) of the connection terminal provided by third parties and used by the Partner and Users.

More generally, Renteo cannot be held responsible for elements beyond its control and damages that may potentially be suffered by the technical environment of the Partner and Users, particularly on their mobile phones or any equipment used to access the Website.

6.1.2 Complaints:

Claims about anomalies or non-compliance with Renteo's intermediary services must be made in writing within five (5) days of the service's execution. It is the responsibility of the Partner to provide any justification as to the reality of the observed non-conformities or anomalies. They must facilitate Renteo in verifying these defects or anomalies.

6.1.3 Liability:

When Renteo's liability is incurred due to its fault, compensation applies only to direct, personal, and certain damages suffered by the Partner, expressly excluding compensation for all indirect and intangible damages and/or prejudices, such as financial losses, damage to reputation, etc.

6.2 Obligations and Responsibilities of the Partner


a)    Vehicle:

The Partner agrees to offer for rental one or more vehicle(s) listed below of which they are the owner or lessee with the option of sub-leasing: Theault horse trucks, heavy goods vehicles intended for horse transportation by Theault, a towed van, or a trailer, in perfect maintenance condition and insured for the risks inherent in short-term rental without a driver. The vehicle must comply with the selection criteria for vehicles selected by Renteo, detailed below:

Theault Horsetruck: 8 years /150 000 miles
HorseTrailer: 8 years
Theault Horse Lorry: 10 years / 200 000 miles

Renteo reserves the right to refuse the rental of a vehicle that meets the eligibility criteria if it is in poor condition or shows signs of lack of maintenance.

Conversely, Renteo reserves the exceptional right to select trailers or trucks that do not meet all of these criteria when the maintenance and safety conditions are excellent.

The Partner will bear all charges related to this vehicle, especially insurance fees.

If the owner rents a vehicle that does not meet the eligibility criteria or is different from the one presented in the ad, Renteo cannot be held responsible and reserves the right to suspend or cease the Partner's access to the Website.

b)   Rental Conditions

The Partner undertakes to comply with the current legislative and regulatory provisions, particularly those concerning price advertising in the vehicle rental sector. They agree to provide, for each listing, their general and specific rental terms, including but not limited to:

-          Unit prices inclusive of all taxes for all elements of the service: per kilometer, per time

-          Prices inclusive of all taxes for additional services offered by the lessor

-          Prices inclusive of all taxes for offered flat-rate services

-          Prices inclusive of all taxes for offered insurance options, including exclusions, deductible amounts, and buyback costs for all guarantees

-          Expenses that the lessee must directly cover, if applicable

-          Applicable conditions in case of vehicle return beyond the scheduled return time

-          Amount of the security deposit; conditions for its payment and refund; conditions for waiving the deposit payment

-          Reservation terms, any advances on rental required, and general payment terms

-          Conditions regarding age or seniority of the driver's license

-          Obligations, in addition to those resulting from legal guarantees, to which the lessor undertakes regarding maintenance, repair, assistance, and replacement of the vehicle in case of incident or accident, as well as any limitations of their contractual liability

-          Any other conditions for delivering the service.

The Partner agrees to comply with the general rental and use conditions of the site that apply to them and that they have expressly accepted. Any modification to the general rental and use conditions of the site will be notified to them as soon as possible and must be applied upon receipt.

They undertake to be present at the time of the User's rental reservation, within plus or minus 15 minutes, and to ensure the rental terms are in accordance with Renteo's general rental and use conditions. In case of repeated delays, Renteo reserves the right to suspend or revoke access to the Website.

The Partner remains solely responsible for the operation of their business and compliance with the applicable regulations. As such, the Partner will contract all necessary insurances and will notably subscribe to professional liability insurance for professional Partners for all acts resulting from the operation of their business.

If the Partner uses a geolocation system (technology to determine the vehicle's location), they are required to inform Users. They will also ensure compliance with provisions regarding the General Data Protection Regulation concerning customer data protection and will ensure the validity of the purposes and duration of data retention.

6.3 Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

By accepting these general conditions, the Partner undertakes to comply with marketing and promotional campaigns generated by Renteo if they do not exceed 5% of the rental amount. They agree not to claim any money from Renteo if a promotion is applied to one of their rentals.

If the promotion exceeds 5% of the rental amount, Renteo will inform the Partner in advance and request their approval. The Partner is free to propose additional promotions and must request them from Renteo for the creation of a promo code and insertion into their listing.


6.4 Force Majeure

One Party cannot hold the other Party liable, and its obligations would be suspended in the event of force majeure. Force majeure is defined as any event making it either impossible or significantly more difficult to fulfill an obligation due to its unpredictable, irresistible, or external nature, with these three criteria being alternative, such as wars, riots, fires, floods, total or partial strikes, paralysis of road transport or other means, governmental or prefectural decisions limiting travel, equine epidemics, energy supply disruptions, telecommunications and computer network blockages, regulatory changes, delays or failures in the intervention of external partners such as suppliers or subcontractors... and any other event considered by law or jurisprudence as force majeure. In such a case, the contract would be immediately suspended for the duration of this event, and the parties could not be held liable for failure or delay in fulfilling their obligations.



7.1 All of Renteo's obligations can only be fulfilled through close collaboration with the Partner and based on the information provided to Renteo by the Partner. Therefore, the Partner undertakes to make every effort to be available to Renteo and Users, facilitating Renteo's mission under the best conditions.

7.2 The Parties will execute this contract independently and will personally take care of all obligations and formalities resulting from their activity, including administrative, social, and tax obligations and formalities.

7.3 During the execution of this contract, the Partner agrees not to provide vehicle rental services outside the Website and to record any additional charges (kilometers, options, etc.) via the platform.

Renteo reserves the right to remove the owner in case of rentals taken outside of Renteo.

In the event that a User makes a booking request to the Partner via the Website and the Partner refuses it and contracts the rental outside the Website, the Partner will owe Renteo the full commission due multiplied by two, considering the seriousness of this breach.



Renteo collects and processes the personal data of Users and Partners as part of handling and executing rental reservations made on the Website, relations with Users and Partners, and for the preservation of its commercial interests, notably for the purpose of preserving evidence. To the extent necessary for the performance of the Partners' and/or Renteo's obligations, Renteo transmits the personal data of the User to the Partner with whom a reservation has been made.

The Partner agrees not to use the personal data of Users transmitted to them for reasons other than related to the execution of the rental service they provide. Specifically, using this personal data for prospecting and commercial solicitation purposes is prohibited.


The Partner accepts the privacy and cookie policy accessible at the following link:


9.1 Unless otherwise stipulated, studies, projects, mock-ups, and documents of any kind produced, provided, or sent by Renteo always remain its property. Renteo retains the intellectual property rights to its creations, which cannot be used, represented, communicated, adapted, or translated without its prior written authorization. The Partner is authorized to use Renteo's intellectual property rights for the purpose of executing this contract and must comply particularly with the graphic charter communicated by Renteo for the use of its brand, including through flyers, window stickers, and any other commercial documentation provided to them. Upon termination of its commercial relations with Renteo, for any reason whatsoever, the Partner agrees not to use any element of Renteo protected under intellectual property law.


9.2 All trade secrets or business processes, as well as any specifications, financial, commercial, or technical information, know-how, reports, or other information of any kind directly or indirectly related to the affairs of the Parties communicated by one of them to the other for the purposes of negotiation and execution of this agreement, or which they become aware of in this context, shall, both during their contractual relationship and after its termination, be strictly confidential and each Party shall refrain from disclosing them in any way or for any reason whatsoever and from using them for any purposes other than those provided for herein. The Parties undertake to take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with the obligations arising from this provision by all employees, representatives, and partners.


9.3 The Partner acknowledges Renteo's right to include on its advertising materials or to indicate to any third parties the corporate name or any other distinctive sign of the Partner during and after the performance of the services for the promotion of its activity. Renteo may, in particular, use photos on the Site and any other photos published by the Partner on social networks featuring the RENTEO logo.


The Partner may unsubscribe from the Website at any time, for any reason. However, they undertake to inform Renteo without delay and to execute the reserved rentals, unless an agreement is formalized between the Parties. In the event of a Partner's breach of obligations, Renteo may immediately delete their partner account or after the execution of already reserved rentals, depending on the seriousness of the alleged breach. In any case, Renteo may deactivate the Website, without notice, formality, or compensation to the User: 1) by court order, 2) in case of force majeure events, 3) in case of breach of the terms of use, 4) in case of abusive or fraudulent use of the Website by the User or any third party acting on their behalf.

This will notably be the case in the event of a proven breach by the Partner, including in the event of a breach of their obligations (repeated cancellations, unjustified cancellations, direct vehicle rental, abusive use of promo codes, excessive refusal of rental requests, numerous complaints from Users and poor Equitrust ratings, rental of a vehicle other than the one on the site via a Renteo rental contract, incorrect presentation of the vehicle, etc.), violation by the User of the rights granted to them under these terms (lack of vehicle insurance, etc.), or in the event of intrusion or damage to the integrity of the Website.


In case of suspension, Renteo will inform the Partner 30 days in advance of this suspension and will request any explanation regarding the alleged breach in order to determine whether this suspension is temporary or requires termination of the contract. In the event of termination for serious breach, Renteo may immediately suspend access to the Website without notice. Any violation of any of the provisions of these conditions, as well as any detected fraud or attempted fraud (e.g., identity theft, vehicle theft, etc.), and/or misconduct (such as harassment, threatening or offensive remarks) may result in permanent exclusion of the Partner's profile, without prejudice to any legal action against them. Users may at any time and without reason waive the Service by closing their User account.


The Partner acknowledges the probative value of the data backups made by Renteo, notably regarding push notifications and/or emails addressed to them.



The Parties agree that these terms and their consequences are subject to the applicable law of the country in witch the Vehicle is located and rented. The language of these terms and the relationship between the Parties is French or English.

If, after discussion with Renteo, an amicable solution has not been found, any Partner qualified as a consumer may submit any claim related to the Platform to the following mediation bodies:

The consumer Partner may thus submit any dispute with Renteo to the Mediator of the National Council of Automobile Professions (CNPA), whose contact information is as follows: 50, rue Rouget de Lisle, 92158 SURESNES CEDEX. The website of the Mediator of the National Council of Automobile Professions is as follows:

Before contacting this mediator, the consumer Partner undertakes to address their complaint to Renteo at the coordinates indicated in Article 13 of these terms.

In addition, the consumer Partner is informed of the existence of the online dispute resolution platform established by the European Commission, facilitating the independent, out-of-court resolution of online disputes between consumers and professionals. This platform is accessible via this link:

For professional Partners, the Parties undertake to first seek an amicable solution. In this context, the professional Partner undertakes to address their complaint to Renteo at the coordinates indicated in Article 13 of these terms. In the absence of agreement, all partners may submit any claim related to the Platform to the Mediator of Companies here: The Mediator of Companies will appoint a mediator to handle your complaint.

In the absence of an amicable agreement, any dispute relating to these terms will be under the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of COUTANCES, even in the case of summary proceedings, third-party proceedings, or multiple defendants, except for exclusive jurisdiction in matters of restrictive competition practices or intellectual property rights.


For any questions or complaints regarding the Website, partnership conditions, etc., the Partner can contact Renteo at the following adress :
or by mail :
Za de Maudon

50300 Ponts


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