Which documents do I need for my rental ?


Which documents do I need for my rental ?

Which documents do I need for my rental ?

"My saddle pads, a hay net, the transport boots... we are ready to roll ! 


Oh dear! I'll have to go through all the cupboards to find the papers for the rental ! » 



Don't panic! You don't need a whole file of documents... Just your driving licence (and 2 or 3 little things to make sure everything goes well) 



Bring your driving licence to  


The driving licence is obviously THE document required to rent a horsebox on the platform. As a hirer, the B licence is sufficient to rent a light truck. You will be asked for it at the time of the booking on the website and when you come to pick up the vehicle. However, look carefully at the rental conditions, some agents may ask you to have a minimum age or to have two or three years of licence to drive their vehicle. 



Prepare the elements of the guarantee deposit 


Depending on the rental company, there are different ways to pay the deposit : 

  • Cash 
  • Bank transfer 
  • Credit card pre-authorization 

In the case of a credit card deposit, be sure to check the limit on your bank card beforehand. The rental professional can refuse the departure of the vehicle if the transaction is refused by your bank. 

You can find the amount needed in the rental conditions of the vehicle. 


Would you like more information on how the deposit works? Go to our FAQ. 



And what else ? 


Then go on the Renteo website to search for the nearest vehicle and make your rental request. 





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