Comfort above all

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Comfort above all

Quality, safety, and comfort are elements that we all pay great attention to. That's why, on the Renteo platform, we offer for rent only trucks from the brand Theault. These trucks for horse transport are less than 5 years old and have less than 150,000 km.


In addition to the quality of Renteo vehicles, several options are available depending on the trucks present on the platform. Let us introduce you to the classics…

1. Horse Truck Surveillance and Reversing Camera

The surveillance camera has become an essential element for a peaceful journey! The first transports of a horse or a long-distance trip can be stressful moments. Installed on your dashboard, this screen allows you to monitor your horse's behavior during the journey in real-time. But that's not all... it is also used as a reversing camera! Handy when you need to maneuver or attach the trailer or truck.


  caméra de surveillance et de recul pour camions chevaux


2. Switch Model, well-being above all

The Switch model: a flagship model on the Renteo platform. Its unique modular system allows you to configure the space according to the morphology and temperament of your horses. In some traditional vehicles, horses do not always travel under optimal conditions.

 Several configurations are offered for your Renteo truck, such as:

  1. Double door in Sport position (or shortened) with open neck bars.
  2. Double door in Stalle position (or extended) with closed neck bars.
  3. Left door in Stalle position (or extended) with closed neck bar / Right door in Sport position (or shortened) with open neck bar.
  4. Doors in the large stalle position for a pregnant mare.

A multitude of choices for a serene journey !


Modèle Switch Renteo


3. Double Bench-Bed for comfort during your transport

Who hasn't wanted to relax between two events to regain strength or plan a short break during a long journey? Thanks to the double bench-bed, it's possible! Several trucks available on the Renteo platform have this option! Comfort is provided for your horses as well as for you! 



4. Trailer hitch on your Renteo horse transport vehicle

Many of you need a trailer hitch to be able to tow a trailer behind the truck. To meet this demand, a large majority of our horse trucks VL have this option! Please note that in this case, you will need a BE license to tow the trailer.


All these options, offered by our agents, allow you to rent a high-quality and comfortable vehicle, whether for your horse or for yourself.


So don't wait any longer, drive with peace of mind with Renteo!

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